Much of the information I get is unique, not only as information gleaned from a reading and generally not available elsewhere,      but unique in the degree of insight that can be had into your own psyche, why you are here, and what direction you should be going in and so on. These readings tend to be simple (as in not complicated to understand), but direct.  Also, I will not provide volumes of text if it is not necessary. The majority of readers and so called channellers out there tend to waffle on to give the impression of a lot of information being passed on, whereas they are in fact simply talking a lot, but not really saying much at all.

The most important thing is the quality of the information, not just the volume. As I like to say, it is the volume in the words, not the volume of the words, that is important.

In regards to the most commonly available readings out there, it is perhaps one of the great ironies of this kind of work, that the better you view and therefore know the future, the more effect you will have on it and the more some aspects of it can, and will change. Many times, the very act of getting information about the future changes the future to make some of the readers information incorrect.  It doesn't mean that that future was not there at the time the process started. The reading was perhaps accurate when it was done. The fact that the future changed because of the viewing does not mean that the process failed.

Therefore I view a reading not as a means to 'tell people what is going to happen to them' (because due to many universal factors, even the best readings in the World will be around 80% correct at best), or what they 'should' do, but as an avenue to give a person insights as to why they are experiencing certain things, likely directions their current course of action will take them, and also greater understanding, and therefore acceptance of themselves.

The events and actions of one's past lives can often have an ongoing affect on the present life. Generally one is able to deal with these things as part of life's learning and growth process, however, in present times there is an increasing number of things that can adversely impact on ones ability to deal with these things. Many people are now tied down with past life issues that they cannot resolve, past life ties that they cannot break, and Karma that they cannot resolve. Leaving them in a gradual downward spiral that they cannot pull themselves out of. By effectively cutting past ties to people or events (and in some cases knowing what these were), and having their karma resolved to a level that they can comfortably deal with, people are able to see great improvements in many areas of their lives.

How much information can I get on past lives? The honest answer is that it tends to be case by case. I will at the very least get information on one past life, and possibly information on several, the average is three.

The degree of specifics can range from basic information such as location, culture, important experiences, and a general time period. To a name, family details, exact location, occupation, cause of death, and other details.

Past Life and Karma Reading and Healing US $119


Why am I here?
Answers to the greatest question

Why am I here?  What is the meaning of Life?  Am I in control of my life or am I just along for the ride? Is there such thing as Destiny or Fate? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? What would you do if there was a way to find the answer to these questions? There is a way, let me explain.

Everyone has chosen particular things to experience and learn during this lifetime, these can be called your 'Life Lessons', although 'emotional concepts' is perhaps a more accurate description.

Your Life Lessons determine the path of your life more than everything else put together. They are the foundation and framework of your destiny and the reason for everything you see, feel, and experience. Before you are born, you choose which Life Lessons you wish to experience / learn and formulate a plan to do so. Everyone has at the very least one chosen Life Lesson (or you wouldn't be here), however most people tend to have around three although there can be more. There is always one main Lesson that is the major focus of your Life with the others chosen as secondary subjects, not of any less importance, but just not the main focus for this lifetime. This can be likened to University study with one main Subject and for example two other secondary, often unrelated areas of study.

 On occasion, depending on how 'well' you are following your Life Plan, the main Lesson can be replaced by one of the other ones if the flow of your life has gone more in that direction. This is a rare occurrence, but possible. It is a matter of your Higher self and your Guides adapting to circumstance.

While it is not normal to know what your Life Lessons are ( or you would be born with the awareness and not with it hidden in your subconscious ), I am able to tell you what yours are if you so wish. Knowing what these are, and how to interpret what they mean, can give you much clarity and understanding of what you have experienced so far in your life, and ways that you can make your life much easier and more enjoyable from now on.

A Life Purpose is often confused with one`s Life Lessons, but they are infact entirely different. While everyone has Life lessons, not everyone has chosen a Life Purpose. A Life Purpose is something that you have chosen to do aside from your Life Lessons and is purely optional and your own choice. This can be anything from wanting to do a particular kind of deed or unselfish act to perhaps make up for past life transgressions ( by your own assessment ), to helping another person to achieve something, to Humanitarian work, helping the planet or Human race in a certain way, and so on. It can be almost anything. Knowing if you have a Life Purpose and what it is, can often answer a nagging question or feeling you've had but haven't been able to put your finger on what it is.

There are 12 main categories of Life Lessons with the subjects being things such as Love, Hate, Dependence, Persistence, Trauma, Faith, Trust, and so on. These can also be split into sections, for example under Love can be Self Love, Conditional Love, Unconditional Love, Unrequited Love, etc. Under Dependence can be Independence, Interdependence etc. The way these are often received or translated is in a somewhat unique way that is particularly relative to the person in question, meaning that two people who have the same basic Life Lessons may receive the information in a slightly different way.
If you would like to learn what your Life Lessons are, how to understand and work with them, and also find out if you have also a chosen Life Purpose, I can obtain that information for you by communicating with your higher self and your subconscious mind. I will then give the information to you with a definition of what they mean in real terms, how you can recognise events and issues that are important for you to work on and or deal with, and ways to fundamentally make your life move along smoother.

        Life Lesson Reading US $119

Many people today acknowledge the fact that we are all beings of energy and they do so without any particular religious or new age faith. The fact that you feel things, have dreams, emotions, all indicate that we are much more than flesh and bone.

You also realize that there are many kinds of energy be it from other people, mechanical or other external sources of destructive extra sensory activity that can and do affect our lives in a profoundly negative manner, even though it's largely in ways that are not immediately obvious. Eastern culture has long understood these things and there are several good traditional methods of dealing with these things, and combined with some of the excellent modern modalities now available, most if not all issues can be dealt with positively. Either as stand alone treatment or as a supplement to other therapy.

Often though, a persons inner fears and or cultural/social pressure will cause denial and a 'head in the sand' approach to trying something considered outside the norm. While some issues will have more 'conventional' or 'accepted' causes, and I do consider these in the process of evaluating every case, you need to be aware that in many cases science and medicine can not help.

    Do you have relationship challenges with your partner? Many people these days are recognizing that there can be unseen reasons for  
    problems with their partner. Looking at your situation to see if there are things not normally considered or covered by conventional 
    methods of counseling causing you trouble.

    Depending on what is found, I can offer advice as to what can be done, as well as clear away stale or negative energy present in
    the relationship.This includes the energy from a past relationship that can be in the way of your present one.This is a very popular 


Relationship Reading and Clearing
US $197

    Further to the Relationship Reading and Clearing, the Relationship detox is a more thorough service with subconscious 
    reprogramming added to get deeper into possible issues that are causing roadblocks in your relationship, or your efforts to repair

Relationship Detox US $239

    Chakras are centers of distribution of energy throughout the body. There are seven main centres which govern a multitude of lesser 
    centers throughout the body. Five of the major centers are located along the spine and two in the head. They exist in the etheric matter 
    and in the aura, outside and to a small  degree through the physical body. Each of the major chakras is associated with a gland and 
    major nerve plexus and governs the area of the physical body in which it is found. By influencing the endocrine system and its
    hormones, the chakras affect the functioning and structure of the tissues of the body, including the organs. The chakras are also associated with various aspects of our experience on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
There are many Audio products available on the internet purporting to heal and clear your Chakras and energy system just by listening to them. The trouble with these is that even if they do have some effect, it is only while you are listening to them. There are also many trinkets sold that are claimed to heal your energy field by wearing them. While there is some evidence to support the claims that some will absorb some forms of EMF energies, things such as these do not or can not alter your own energy system in a positive way and are simply a waste of money.

I clear and heal your Chakras opening them up to the largest size and strength correct for you at this time then restore them to proper balance. I then clear and heal your Aura, sealing it with protection, and giving you instructions to maintain the protection and the health of your energy system.

What is the Human Aura
Scientific evidence provides tangible proof of the existence of the Aura in plants, animals and humans, and its relation to the health and well-being of the physical body. This has been termed as the "bioplasmic body" from the word "bio" meaning life, and "plasma", the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases. Scientific experiments conducted by the renowned Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian and many since him, using ultrasensitive photographic process showed a colorful, radiant energy field surrounding the physical bodies of humans, animals and plants. This energy field, or Aura, interpenetrates the visible physical body, extending about 4 to 5 inches from the skin's surface. Experiments in Kirlian photography have also revealed that diseased energies appear first in the energy body before manifesting as a physical ailment.


Chakra Cleanse and Healing US $97



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